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    Daniel decided to create a very special fragrance, one that conveyed simple happiness. After many attempts, he finally found the right combination and was so captivated that he named it after the person who fills him with energy, positivity, good vibes and love.

    • Top notes: bergamot, pink jasmine.
    • Heart notes: patchouli, sandalwood, iris.
    • Base notes: vanilla, praline, musk.
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    Magnolia is inspired by the ephemeral flower that can be smelled in the elegant villas located on Lake Como (northern Italy).

    A perfume for those elegant people who do not need to attract attention. After the fresh, green and fruity top notes, Magnolia, with an accent of jasmine and tuberose, rises softly and slightly to evolve towards a woody base that envelops it.

    • Top notes: lemon, green notes, bergamot.
    • Heart notes: magnolia, jasmine, rose, tuberose.
    • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Vanilla.
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    A sensual cloud of white musk spreads around with a creamy amber texture. It opens with muscone, angelica and abelmoscheus seeds, which give it a musky character that gives way to a heart with Bombay wood and details of patchouli and rose. It is light, firm and agile, enveloping and airy … it is the supernatural 23K gold perfume that comes off with the perfume spray, leaving gold particles on your skin

    • Top notes: angelica, muscone.
    • Heart notes: musk, Bombay wood, notes of rose.
    • Base notes: white musk, labdanum.
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    Legend has it the Gods buried the most precious city ever discovered and with it, it’s greatest treasure.
    The elixir of love made from the best nectar oils found within the Mediterranean lands that gives name to ATLANTIS.

    The Perfume of Love.

    This fragrance is part of the Legends Collection.

    • TOP NOTES: Strawberry, Wild Berries, Caramel, Peach, Pink Pepper & Labdanum.
    • HEART NOTES: Cypriol, Leather, Patchouli, Saffron, Ginger & Rose.
    • BASE NOTES: Oud, Benjuí, Balsam Peru, Vanilla & Musk.
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    THAUY’s fragrance AGAPE, which in the Greek Mythology means “unconditional love” is a sweet romantic and gourmand Unisex perfume.

    AGAPE is the new addition of “The Power Of Resilience Collection”, with this collection, THAUY wants to convey to the whole world that an inner spirit of prevailing strength and power will birth so we can overcome all adversities.

    The nose behind this fragrance is the Master Perfumer Daniel Josier.

    • HEAD NOTES: Cassia, Rose jam, Grapefruit.
    • HEART NOTES: Ciste Blossom, Jasmine, Vanilla bean.
    • BASE NOTES: Oud, Amber gris.


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