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    Arena is the perfume that represents the origin of all perfumes and that has evolved to become the perfumes of today. Arena is the vestige of the first perfume that existed in the Arab world and was created with elegant and exquisite Arabic and classical notes.

    It opens with rose, mugwort and cardamom, evolving to include notes of sage, amber and iris with a hint of red berries before reaching the base of musk, vanilla, woody notes and the finest oud. The fragrance transports you from the Mediterranean to the deserts of Arabia as the hours go by.

    The nose behind this fragrance is the Master Perfumer Chris Maurice.

    • TOP NOTES: Rose, Artemisia, Cardamom
    • HEART NOTES: Sage, Amber, Cypriol, Iris, Red Fruits
    • BASE NOTES: Musk, Vanilla, Woody Notes, Oud
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    Aria is the essence of the Mediterranean Sea. It represents and links the migration of those who undertook a brave adventure throughout time to America. It begins with the best lemon, bergamot and pomegranate from the trees cultivated ancestrally from generation to generation in the sunny lands of the Iberian Peninsula until today.

    The heart is composed of white tea and jasmine from Provence and fig from Catalonia, where the famous painter Dalí was born. The base notes are some of the oldest ingredients found in the Lebanese mountains, vetiver and cedar, all balanced with a hint of musk.

    The nose behind this fragrance is the Master Perfumer Chris Maurice.

    • TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Lemon, Pomegranate.
    • HEART NOTES: White Tea, Jasmine, Fig.
    • BASE NOTES: Vetiver, Cedar, Musk.
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    Seda is the perfume that begins with the history of the cultures of the Indian Ocean and ends in the main cities of Europe with a very elegant fresh touch.

    It opens with notes of mandarin and galbanum, evolving into a sweet, fruity and floral fragrance of currant and jasmine.A deep and intense hint of cedar and musk make up the base. A fruity and musky fragrance with a hint of citrus.

    The nose behind this fragrance is the Master Perfumer Daniel Josier.

    • TOP NOTES: Tangerine, Citrus, Galbanum
    • HEART NOTES: Currant, Jasmine
    • BASE NOTES: Cedar, Musk
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    Jade is a perfume created from both natural and synthetic raw materials that range from an essence of Indonesian patchouli, which provides a surprisingly sensual and addictive facet of cocoa, to compositions such as Jade by Somens, which starts from a fruity floral composition, which we keep in secret, evolving into a floral heart of gardenia with a hint of bergamot. All resting on a deep base of sandalwood.

    The nose behind this fragrance is the Master Perfumer Lucas Sieuzac.

    • TOP NOTES: Floral, Fruity
    • HEART NOTES: Gardenia, Bergamot
    • BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Cedar
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    Discovery Set 4 x 2 ml . The Discovery Set includes 4 Spray bottles 2 ml:

    • Arena
    • Aria
    • Seda
    • Jade