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    Neroli Nostrum gives the classic concept of Italian cologne.
    The founders of Lunio, as great lovers of Italy and its perfumery, wanted to create
    a perfume that, respecting the idea of a fresh, Mediterranean and sophisticated aroma, proposed
    something new.
    This was achieved by using argan oil to encapsulate the neroli molecule
    and prolong its life in the fragrance
    The idea of using this raw material (argan) came to Daniel Josier, the nose behind
    of this fragrance. There are very few perfumes on the market that use this encapsulation.
    The result is a clean, fresh perfume, of Italian class, versatile and long-lasting, where the
    note of neroli is the protagonist, accompanied by Mediterranean notes that come to give it
    different nuances in each phase of the fragrance.

    • TOP NOTES: Ginger, Sicilian Bergamot, Petitgrain
    • HEART NOTES: Neroli, Ripened fig, Tuberose
    • BASE NOTES: White sandalwood from India, Oud, Amber, Virginia cedar
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