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    A sensual cloud of white almond extends around the edges with a creamy texture of amber color. It opens with musket strips, angelica and abelmoschus, which confers a musky character that makes the heart with Bombay wood and pink and gold details.

    • Top notes: angelica, muscone.
    • Heart notes: musk, Bombay wood, notes of rose.
    • Base notes: white musk, labdanum
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    Compelling but sweet. It opens with a combination of African incense and bergamot, giving way to a woody heart composed of the always sensual sandalwood that is reinforced by patchouli. The note that differentiates it from other oriental vanilla fragrances is the personality of the tobacco leaf that we find as the base note. Vanilla and amber complete this very personal perfume.

    • Top notes: incense, bergamot
    • Heart notes: patchouli, sandalwood.
    • Base notes: Amber, tobacco leaf, vanilla
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    A unique and deep perfume that opens with red fruits, spices and nutmeg with soft and delicate touches of marigolds and grapefruit on the edges, giving way to a majestic leather. The flavor is tropical with warm white flowers, tuberose and ylang-ylang intertwined with a hint of wild heliotrope and Osmanthus. Amber and vanilla flower add sensuality. The fragrance is wrapped in subtle oak moss and white musk.

    • Top notes: Davana, red berries, taget, tuberose
    • Middle notes: ylang-ylang, nutmeg, jasmine, tuberose
    • Base notes: oak moss, vanilla, musk
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    Intensity in the most passionate. Sensually and powerfully evocative.

    Its central flavor is oud wood, also known as agarwood. It is one of the most exotic and luxurious amenities known in the world. A pleasure for the senses! Different and unique!

    • Top notes: cumin, carrot, violet, angelica
    • Heart notes: iris, incense, oud wood, nutmeg
    • Base notes: leather, amber, oud, labdane, musk
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    A heady fresh green fragrance full of personality.

    Based on the famous absinthe liqueur, also called “green fairy” (fennel distillation) and banned for many years (still today in some places), it was a source of inspiration and madness for many impressionist artists. This perfume is a truly forbidden pleasure.

    • Top notes: Sagerbrush, grapefruit, mint, pepper
    • Heart notes: ginger, orange, fennel, red berries, litsea
    • Base notes: white wood, musk, orange, sandalwood
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    Daniel decided to create a very special fragrance, one that conveyed simple happiness. After many attempts, he finally found the right combination and was so captivated that he named it after the person who fills him with energy, positivity, good vibes and love.

    • Top notes: bergamot, pink jasmine.
    • Heart notes: patchouli, sandalwood, iris.
    • Base notes: vanilla, praline, musk.
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    This scent is pleasantly invasive and invigorating. The initial fragrance contains bergamot, grapefruit and orange leaves. These give way to floral flavors of violet, red pepper, geranium and patchouli, wrapped in the warmth and strength of vetiver, cedar and bonjoin. In the background, the always sensual musk summons the senses.

    • Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit, orange.
    • Heart notes: violets, red berries, patchouli, pepper, geranium, neroli.
    • Base notes: vetiver, cedar, benjoin, moss.
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    Like a good kaleidoscope, it is a very orchestral perfume with an infinity of raw materials without a protagonist. Like a magical kaleidoscope, this perfume is orchestral. An infinity of raw materials without an established pattern and always a little different. A perfume on your skin with a unique fragrance every time you use it because it cannot be deciphered, it changes without reason.

    • Top notes: eucalyptus, mint, green tea, red thyme.
    • Heart notes: lavandule incense, rosemary, pine.
    • Top notes: cedar, patchouli, oud.
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    An intensely beautiful leather scent. The top notes are saffron, raspberry and thyme; middle notes are incense and night flower jasmine; and the base notes are leather and suede with woody notes of amber.

    • Top notes: thyme, saffron, raspberry.
    • Heart notes: night jasmine, leather notes, black leather.
    • Base notes: leather, woody notes, amber.
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    Magnolia is inspired by the ephemeral flower that can be smelled in the elegant villas located on Lake Como (northern Italy).

    A perfume for those elegant people who do not need to attract attention. After the fresh, green and fruity top notes, Magnolia, with an accent of jasmine and tuberose, rises softly and slightly to evolve towards a woody base that envelops it.

    • Top notes: lemon, green notes, bergamot.
    • Heart notes: magnolia, jasmine, rose, tuberose.
    • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Vanilla.
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    The perfume is a unique incense with a Mexican character, the intro of the perfume is composed of lime, avocado and chili pepper, the heart and protagonist of the perfume is formed by incense, copal and the dahlia (national flower of Mexico). the base and depth of the perfume is achieved with cedar, sandalwood and musk.

    • Top notes: lime, avocado, chili
    • Middle Notes: Frankincense, Copal, Dahlia
    • Base notes: cedar wood, sandalwood, musk
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    3500 years ago, in Mesopotamia, the Sumerians created a very advanced civilization, in the development of canals, agriculture and ointments, and from there, came the first distillations of oils, and the birth of perfumes. From the hand of two women, Taputti and her assistant, Ninu, who made aromatic oils for the Sumerian king.
    Here is a recreation of the most used notes at that time. Volume I of this story.

    • Top notes: Pink Pepper – Nutmeg
    • Heart notes: Cedarwood – Iris – Patchouli
    • Base notes: Musk – Sandalwood
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    2000 years ago, the Roman Empire, through its conquests in Greece and Egypt, acquired knowledge of the world of essences and it was in Rome, where it was named: Profumo (through smoke, in Latin). Since the oils were used for burners and create atmospheres. In Rome, the first guild of “perfumers” was created, called “Ungüentari” and with the birth of public baths and massages, perfumes received a new innovation. Here I introduce you the recreation of ancient Rome in a perfume.  The Volume II of this story.

    • Top Notes: Bergamot – Pink Pepper – Chili
    • Heart Notes: Incense – Cistus – Iris
    • Base Notes: Patchouli – Vanilla – Musk
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    With the Byzantine empire there is a resurgence of perfumes through the trade routes that come from the East and almost 700 years ago, in 1370, the first alcohol-based perfume in history was produced. An elixir from an alchemist as a gift to Queen Elizabeth I of Hungary. The famous “Hungarian Water“.  And here I introduce you my version. The Volume III of this story.

    • Top notes: Melon
    • Heart  notes: Mimosa – Rose
    • Base notes: Musk – Cedarwood
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    500 years ago, the Renaissance marked the revival of the arts and sciences. They are centuries of opening new maritime routes that bring to Europe new materials from America and Asia. Alchemy and perfumery grow rapidly. In 1533 Catherine de Medici married the Duke of Orleans, and made perfumed gloves fashionable for the court. It is the first time that perfumes are used to dress, please, and, to seduce. Here I present you a trip to Renaissance Florence. The Volume IV of this story.

    • Top notes: Bergamote – Mandarine-Violet – Hyacinth
    • Heart notes: Lilly of the Valley- Jasmine- Ylang Ylang- Rose
    • Base notes: Cedarwood – Sandalwood – Vetiver- Musk
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    100 years ago, modern perfumery was born, as we understand it today. It is the “Belle Epoque” and when the Guerlain, Chanel, Coty houses are born… It is the birth of aldehydes in perfumes and the world of perfume is industrialized. Here my tribute to that time of the twentieth century. The Volume V of this story.

    • Top notes: Incense – Aldehyde
    • Heart notes: Jasmine
    • Base notes: Musk – Amber