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    At present, perfumery combines technological advances and environmental awareness. Molecular perfumery offers infinite possibilities to perfumers. It is the birth of niche and signature perfumes. The union of science and nature, of human and artificial intelligence. Welcome to the present. Welcome to the future. The Volume VI of this story

    • Top notes: Plum – Metallic Accord
    • Heart notes: Iris- Sandalwood- Iso E Super
    • Base notes: Evernyl – Almizcle – Vertoflix
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    Discovery Set 6 x 2 ml

    Discover all of History in Drops  fragrances. The Discovery Set includes 6 samples x 2 ml:

    • Volume I   – Sumerians – Oriental sandalwood note
    • Volume II  – Roman Empire – Spicy incense note
    • Volume III  – Byzantine Empire – Floral mimosa-cedar note
    • Volume IV – Renaissance – Floral note
    • Volume V  – Belle Epoque – Aldehydic floral note
    • Volume VI – Present and Future – Soapy-metallic note
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    Under the Figtree is born from a dream Daniel Josier had. When he was a teenager he used to sit on the grass under a fig tree at his parents’ house to do my homework. In the dream he saw that, but instead of being in front of his parents’ house, there was a hill with an oak above it.
    The perfume is interpreted as a journey through adolescence (interpreted with fresh grass and fig tree) towards maturity (represented by the oak and the cedar).

    • Top notes: Galbanum, Bergamote, Tangerine, Pink Pepper.
    • Heart notes: Figtree Leaves, Grass, Tee Leaves, Fig.
    • Base notes: Cedarwood, Holm Oak, Iris, Amber, Musk.