Thauy Agape Special – Limited Edition Fragrance

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THAUY’s fragrance AGAPE Greek Mythology means “unconditional love” is a sweet a sweet and gourmand Unisex fragrance.

THAUY With the new AGAPE SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION, wanted to give a gentle floral touch, enveloping its sweet and gourmand aroma in an aura of romanticism.

With this fragrance the THAUY’s founders wanted to pour a little of themselves in it, sharing that with love and kindness everything is better.

The nose behind this line is the Spanish Master Perfumer Daniel Josier.

  • HEAD NOTES: Cassia, Rose jam, violet sucre.
  • HEART NOTES: Ciste Blossom, Jasmine, lily of the valey, Vanilla bean.
  • NOTAS DE FONDO: Oud, ámbar gris.


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1 valoración en Thauy Agape Special – Limited Edition Fragrance

  1. Lisa

    AMAZING! Best way for me to describe it is creamy (not vanilla-y, more like milk froth), sweet (not like candy, more like jam), soft woody, with a hint of cascading powdery floral. It’s mysterious, sultry, and intimate. Its like a fluffy, powdery, and sweet floral scent that blends into sweet creamy, woodsy base. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who wants a warm, creamy (not too vanilla-y), sweet, and soft woodsy fragrance. This projects intimately so that your date across the table can get a whiff of instead of the entire room and it can playfully leave a light, fluffy trace when you walk past someone. It’s longevity ranges about 4-6 hours with the projection starting to get more personal around the 4th hour, but after the 6th hour the scent still faintly on the skin to be smelled by your embracer. Hope they keep this one indefinitely in their collection.

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Thauy Agape Special - Limited Edition Fragrance