Prana – Base primer moisturizing emulsion.


This moisturizing emulsion will lighten the freshness and vital energy of the face, protecting you from free radicals. Moisturizes and nourishes, helping to prevent the signs of premature aging, but prepares the skin for applying makeup or other moisturizers.


Why is it different?

This product is specially designed to work on all skin phototypes, avoiding the use of ingredients that may be harmful to some of them. It contains a synergy of more than 20 active ingredients; composed of vegetable oils, vegetable extracts and assets; 26 thermal trace elements and a registered patent of last generation peptides that prevent and attenuate the signs of aging.

Ingredients: Thermal water (26 trace elements), floral water (apricot rose), extracts of vegetable origin (avena, aloe vera, cucumber, tara gum, jamaica rose and pomelo), accepted vegetable origin (hierba de la pradera, macadamia y jojoba ) peptides, vitamins (B5, C and E), low molecular weight vegetable hyaluronic acid, glycerin of vegetable origin, allantoin and triglyceride of caprine and caprylic acid.)

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50ml 1.7Oz


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Prana - Base primer moisturizing emulsion.

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