Halfeti – Face moisturizing. Dark skin.


Dark skin: phototype V and VI

It is the first cream specially formulated taking into account the genetics of the skins that rarely  burn or never burn and tan intensely, which multiplies the effectiveness of the product. These prototypes have dark brown or black skin and dark brown to black hair. Their skin is thick, they tend to block the absorption of traditional cosmetics, and they dehydrate faster due to the amount of sweat glands.

Contains a synergy of more than 20 active ingredients; composed of vegetable oils, vegetable extracts and active ingredients; 26 thermal trace elements and 2 patents of last generation peptides; Matrixysl 3000, Serilesine that prevent and attenuate the signs of aging.


  • It is formulated to keep skin evenly clear and without open pores.
  • Balances the oil production of the skin.
  • It does not use comedogenic ingredients to avoid clogging the pores.
  • Long-lasting hydration thanks to the exclusive hygroscopic synergy.
  • Helps reduce major signs of aging, wrinkles and lines expression smoothing and firming the skin.

Apply a small amount of the nourishing moisturizing facial cream to your face and spread evenly with fingertips every night. Use it day and night to get more powerful results.

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Halfeti - Face moisturizing. Dark skin.

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